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Dr Francis N. KIMBAL                                       (USA/EUA)                                                1955 - 1959

Dr Armand ROBERT                                           (France/France)                                           1959 - 1961

Dr Robert GRANDPIERRE                                 (France/France)                                           1961 - 1964

Dr Armand MERCIER                                         (France/France)                                          1964 - 1966

Dr Jan H TILLISCH                                            (USA/EUA)                                                1966 - 1968

Dr G Earle WIGHT                                              (Canada/Canada)                                        1968 - 1971

Dr Andre ALLARD                                             (Belgium/Belgique)                                       1971 - 1973

Dr Charles BERRY                                              (USA/EUA)                                                1973 - 1975

Dr E A LAUSCHNER                                         (Germany/Allemagne)                                  1975 - 1977

Dr Kenneth G BERGIN                                       (UK/RU)                                                     1977 - 1979

Dr Eugene LAFONTAINE                                  (France/France)                                           1979 - 1981

Dr Earl CARTER                                                 (USA/EUA)                                                1981 - 1983

Dr Luis A AMEZCUA-GONZALES                   (Mexico/Mexique)                                       1983 - 1985

Dr Antonio CASTELO-BRANCO                      (Portugal/Portugal)                                       1985 - 1987

Dr N J NIEUWOUDT                                        (South Africa/Afrique du Sud)                      1987 - 1989

Dr Jean LAVERNHE                                           (France/France)                                          1989 - 1991

Dr Silvio FINKELSTEIN                                     (Argentina/Argentine)                                  1991 - 1993

Dr Stanley WHITE                                               (USA/EUA)                                                1993 - 1995

Dr John ERNSTING                                            (UK/RU)                                                    1995 - 1997

Dr Robert AUFFRET                                           (France/France)                                          1997 - 1999

Dr Claude THIBEAULT                                       (Canada/Canada)                                       1999 - 2001

Dr Ulf BALLDIN                                                 (USA/EUA/Sweden/Suède)                        2001 – 2003

Dr Eric DONALDSON                                       (Australia/Australie)                                    2003 – 2005

Dr Frank PETTYJOHN                                       (USA/EUA)                                               2005 – 2007

Dr Yehezkel CAINE                                            (Israel/Israel)                                              2007 - 2009

Dr Michael BERRY                                             (USA/EUA)                                                2009 - 2011

Dr Anthony BATCHELOR                                  (UK/RU)                                                    2011 – 2013

Dr Daniel B. LESTAGE                                       (USA/EUA)                                               2013 – 2015

Dr Jarnail SINGH                                                (Singapore/Singapour)                                2015 – 2017

Dr Melchor ANTUNANO                                  (USA/EUA)                                               2017 - 2019

      Dr James VANDERPLOEG                               (USA/EUA)                                                2019 -





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News Updates

In Memoriam - Charles Berry

We were very saddened to hear of the passing of Charles A. Berry, M.D., who was a pioneer in aviation medicine. He was one of the first to attend the U.S. Air Force School of Aerospace Medicine and worked for NASA, where he helped select astronauts and monitor crews while in space. All told, he helped send 42 individuals into space over 30 missions, including the Apollo 11 mission during which Neil Armstrong walked on the Moon. During his life, he received five of AsMA's awards, including the Louis H. Bauer Founders Award, and received two President's Citations.
Full obituary at AsMA website.

2019 ICASM

The 2019 International Congress of Aviation and Space Medicine (ICASM) was held in Dubrecen, Hungary, 8 - 12 September, 2019

Meeting Content and CME for ICASM 2019:

Oral Presentation Abstracts, Poster Presentation Abstracts, CME

2018 ICASM

The 2018 International Congress of Aviation and Space Medicine (ICASM) was held in Bangkok Thailand, 11-15 November 2018

Meeting Content from ICASM 2018:

Oral Presentation Abstracts, Poster Presentation Abstracts,
Individual Abstracts and PowerPoint PDFs

2017 ICASM

The 2017 International Congress of Aviation and Space Medicine (ICASM) was held in Rome, Italy

Meeting Content from ICASM 2017:

Oral Presentation Abstracts, Poster Presentation Abstracts,
Individual Abstracts and PowerPoint PDFs

2015 ICASM - Oxford UK

View the abstracts from ICASM 2015:
Oral Presentations
Poster Presentations