International Academy of Aviation and Space Medicine
Académie Internationale de Médecine Aéronautique et Spatiale


An applicant must satisfy all of these requirements:

      • be a medical graduate of a medical school recognized by, and acceptable to, the Committee of Selectors; or have attained a college degree of science in aviation and/or space medicine related fields; or possess a certificate issued by a State or Country qualifying the applicant,
      • exercise clearly established medical or scientific function and activities in the field of aviation and/or space medicine, either:
        • as a medical practitioner in conformity with legal requirements of his State or Country of residence, or
        • as a qualified physician or surgeon of a recognized medical institution, the Armed Forces, government administration, hospital, medical school, air carrier, airport, aircraft industry or international organization related to aviation and/or space, or
        • as a qualified scientist prominently involved in aviation and/or space medicine related fields of endeavor.
      • produce evidence of at least ten years of continuous practice in aviation and/or space medicine, or related sciences, either in employment in military service, civil aviation administration, air carriers, or as a designated medical examiner or consultant to aviation and/or space organizations or research and training institution satisfactory to the Committee of Selectors,
      • subscribe to the objectives of the Academy,
      • endeavor to attain as high a level of educational achievement in aviation medicine as is possible in the circumstances,     

      • have made a distinguished contribution to aviation and/or space medicine, such as notable original or review publications in peer-reviewed (or other local) journals, ongoing research activity in aviation medicine, presentations in national and/or international aviation or space medicine conferences, or hold a position of eminence in the specialty of aviation and/or space medicine and associated allied sciences,
      • participate actively in aviation or space medicine national organizations,
      • have demonstrated high moral, ethical and professional standard



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