International Congress

The Academy sponsors an International Congress on an annual basis with the location rotating to various countries around the world. Individuals representing countries wishing to hold a Congress should contact the Secretary General for information about the Requirements for Organizers of an Academy Congress;

The Academy meets in full session (General Assembly) twice a year, once in conjunction with the Scientific Meeting of the Aerospace Medical Association (usually April/May) and once in conjunction with the International Congress (usually September/October).

The Congress always features The André Allard Memorial Lecture instituted to honor Dr. André Allard, the seventh President of the Academy 1971-1973. A biography of Dr. Allard is available below. The document also includes a full list of past Allard lecturers.

COVID-19 has required the Academy Congress planned for 2020 to be postponed to 22-24 September 2022, in Paris.  It will be held in collaboration with the Aerospace Medical Association (AsMA), the European Society of Aerospace Medicine (ESAM) and the French Society of Aviation and Space Medicine (SOFRAMAS) as part of the International Conference of Aerospace Medicine (ICAM 2022). Please visit website for more information.

ICAM 2021 was provided as a virtual conference consisting of a series of webinars created and hosted in collaboration with AsMA, ESAM and SOFRAMAS. 

ICASM 2019 was held in Debrecen, Hungary, 8 - 12 September 2019.

ICASM 2018 was held in Bangkok, Thailand, 11-15 November 2018.

ICASM 2017 was held in Rome, Italy, 10-14 September 2017.

For those individuals/countries who are interested in organizing an International Congress with International Academy of Aviation and Space Medicine sponsorship, please download the Instructions for Congress Organizers. In addition, the Academy has produced a PowerPoint presentation of facts regarding the Academy. Please View or download the file for more information.

Dr. André Allard Lecture

The André Allard Memorial Lecture, which is given by a named speaker at the beginning of each Congress, was instituted in 1980 to honour Dr. André Allard, the seventh President of the Academy (1971 - 1973). For more information please click the link.

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