Application for Membership

An applicant must satisfy all of the following requirements:

1. Medical Qualifications

· be a medical graduate of a medical school recognized by, and acceptable to, the Committee of Selectors; or
· have attained a college degree of science in aviation and/or space medicine related fields; or
· possess a certificate issued by a State or country qualifying the applicant

2. Post-Graduate Qualifications

· have attained as high a level of educational achievement in aviation medicine as is possible in their particular circumstances

 3. Aeromedical Practice

· be exercising a clearly established medical or scientific function and undertaking activities in the field of aviation and/or space medicine

(This can be achieved as a medical practitioner in conformity with legal requirements of the State or country of residence; alternatively as a qualified physician or surgeon of, or consultant to, a recognized medical institution, a military service, civil aviation administration/regulator, hospital, medical school, air carrier, airport, aerospace industry, research or training institution or international organization related to aviation and/or space, or as a qualified scientist prominently involved in aviation and/or a space medicine related field)

· be in current practice in aviation and/or space medicine or a related scientific field
· participate actively in aviation or space medicine national organizations

4. Experience

· have a minimum of 10 years’ experience in aviation and/or space medicine practice, or related sciences, satisfactory to the Committee of Selectors (applicants with less than 10 years’ experience should see the Associate Membership section)
· have made a distinguished contribution to aviation and/or space medicine, such as notable original or review publications in peer-reviewed (or other local) journals, ongoing research activity in aviation medicine, presentations in national and/or international aviation and/or space medicine conferences, or
· hold or have held a position of eminence in the specialty of aviation and/or space medicine and associated allied sciences


1) Applicants must subscribe to the objectives of the Academy and have demonstrated high moral and ethical professional standards.
2) The application fee, currently US $200, is payable upon application for membership.
3) The annual membership fee is payable upon approval as a Member by the Selectors’ Committee.

Application Process

The application for membership should be sent by email to the Secretary General of the Academy. The following documents (in English or French, except for copies of original certificates) should be submitted:

1. Completed Membership Application Form

2. A complete and current curriculum vitae to include:

· a description of previous and present activities in aviation and/or space medicine or related sciences; and
· a list of personal publications relevant to aviation and/or space medicine; and
· where relevant, a list of memberships of medical and/or aeronautical societies

3. A statement of practical flight experience including flight training, flying hours per year

4. A recent photograph of the applicant

5. Two Letters of Recommendation* from Members of the Academy

The Secretary-General will pass the application to the Selectors’ Committee for consideration. Meetings of the Selectors’ Committee take place a minimum of twice a year so there may be a wait of several months before the outcome is known.

Please note the Committee of Selectors reserves the right to request certified copies of any of these documents or further evidence considered necessary to determine eligibility for membership.

Notes on the Letters of Recommendation*

1) A Letter of Recommendation should be requested from two Academy Members, (one ideally a Selector; see the Selectors’ Committee page for details). At least one of these members should have known the applicant personally for three years or more, know the local conditions in which the applicant practises aviation and/or space medicine and be able to testify to the applicant’s moral, ethical, and professional background.

2) Applicants who do not personally know any Academy Members should contact the Secretary General for advice.

3) The Letters of Recommendation may be supplemented by recommendations written by one or more senior officers of a medical school or other eminent persons familiar with medical and aviation activities in the State in which the applicant is practising and the applicant's overall qualifications, or through the sponsorship of a national or regional aviation and/or space medical society.

International Academy of Aviation and Space Medicine