Associate Membership

An applicant with appropriate and sufficient qualifications in aviation and/or space medicine but only five years of practice as defined in the ‘Application for Membership’ Section may apply to the Academy for admission as an Associate Member.

The number of Associate Members at any one time is restricted to 50.

The completed Membership Application Form should be sent by email to the Secretary General of the Academy along with the documents specified in the ‘Application for Membership’ Section.

Associate Membership cannot be held for more than 5 years.

Associate Members do not have voting privileges in the Academy, nor may they hold elected office.

On achieving 10 years of practice in aviation and/or space medicine and providing evidence of continuing practice in the field of aviation and/or space medicine or related fields, an Associate Member can request consideration from the Council for the granting of Full Membership. The Council may immediately grant Membership status or refer the application to the Chancellor for review by the Selectors’ Committee.

International Academy of Aviation and Space Medicine