The International Academy of Aviation & Space Medicine has an Affiliate category suitable for

 (i) young doctors or scientists at an early stage in their careers


(ii) more senior individuals who have advanced in their careers in a different specialty or discipline and now have responsibilities that include aviation and space medicine. 

Both will be offered advice and support from the Academy and its Members. (known as Academicians).  One of the principle means by which this is achieved is through a mentorship programme where Academicians will interact with and provide guidance to an Affiliate as they develop knowledge and skills in aviation and space medicine. 

Every Affiliate will have the opportunity of being assigned one or more mentors and may request a specific Academician as a mentor if mutually agreed.

Affiliates will be offered Affiliate status for a limited period, up to 5 years. There is no automatic progression to Associate or Academician status and Affiliates have no voting rights in the Academy, nor can they hold elected office. It is hoped that many Affiliates will want to apply for Associate or Academician status in due course, subject to progression in the field of Aviation and Space Medicine.

The Application Form to become an Affiliate can be found here. There is no application fee.

The application process takes several weeks. Once you submit the Application Form it will be sent to the Chancellor who will distribute it to a number of senior Academicians who will see all information you submit as part of your application including personal details such as your email address, your photo and your CV. If accepted you will be informed that you have been successful by the Secretary General and you will become an Affiliate upon payment of the annual Affiliate Dues, currently US$25 per year. The Affiliate Director will then contact you to discuss possible mentoring opportunities.

International Academy of Aviation and Space Medicine