Scholarship Information

Aviation and Space Medicine Scholarship

The International Academy of Aviation and Space Medicine has a well-established Scholarship Programme, the aim of which is to enable young physicians commencing a career in aviation and space medicine to undertake training in the specialty. The scholarship can be used to facilitate attendance at a formal training course, or participation in a work programme (one year or more, structured towards educational goals) in a recognised aerospace medicine institute.

The scholarship award is a grant of up to NZ $ 32,000 but more than one scholarship for amounts less than this may be awarded in any year, depending on the applications received. 

The following links represent some of the institutions that currently offer postgraduate training or work programme in Aviation Medicine:

- King's College UK

- University of Otago

- University of Texas Medical Branch
           ASM Residency Program
           Principles of Aviation and Space Medicine Course
           Grand Rounds and Activities

- Singapore Aviation Academy

- Monash University, Victoria, Australia

- Civil Aviation Medicine Institute FAA

- Mayo Clinic

International Academy of Aviation and Space Medicine