In concert with the Academy's Objectives and Activities to accomplish these, the Academy publishes definitive monographs on selected topics in aerospace medicine, Position Papers, and other materials. Details are available from the Secretary General.

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The 1995 André Allard Lecture, entitled "Neurosciences and Aviation Medicine - A Century of Endeavour", by Air Commodore Anthony N. Nicholson OBE, QHS, RAF was produced as a monograph. Unfortunately, there are no more copies available.

Program Abstracts

50th International Congress in Sydney, Australia,
September 2002. (320 KB)

51st International Congress in Madrid, Spain,
October 5-9, 2003. (4.16 MB)

53rd International Congress in Warsaw, Poland,
August 28 - September 2, 2005. (352 KB)

54th International Congress in Bangalore, India,
September 10 - 14, 2006 (216 KB)

Romanian Aerospace Meeting in Bucharest, Romania
November 10, 2006

55th International Congress in Vienna, Austria,
September 15 - 20, 2007

56th International Congress in Bangkok, Thailand
September 7 - 11, 2008

57th International Congress in Zagreb, Croatia,
September 6 - 10, 2009

58th International Congress in Singapore, Singapore
October 10 - 14, 2010

59th International Congress in Bucharest, Romania
September 11 - 15, 2011

60th International Congress in Melbourne, Australia
September 16 - 20, 2012

61st International Congress in Jerusalem, Israel
October 6-10, 2013

61st International Congress in Jerusalem, Israel
October 6-10, 2013

62nd International Congress in Mexico City, Mexico
October 12-16, 2014

Position Papers

The Academy will from time to time publish Position Papers regarding important scientific issues, approved by either the General Assembly or the Executive Council.

Cosmic Radiation

Other Publications

"Aviation Cardiology": Heart, January 2019 - Vol 105 - Suppl 1

Silvio Finkelstein's Memoirs: "Medicine Above the Clouds"

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