Structure & Committees

The Academy is managed by a President, President-Elect, Immediate Past Presidents, four Directors, a Chancellor, a Secretary General and Deputy Secretary General; collectively these make up the Council.

The Academy has an Educational Trust Fund located in New Zealand. The secretariat is located in the home country of the Secretary General, currently the UK. It has also been located in the US, Belgium, France, Canada, Portugal and New Zealand.

The two main management meetings of the Academy are the Council meeting and the General Assembly, attended by Members. These are usually held twice a year, once in April/May in conjunction with the Annual Scientific Meeting of the Aerospace Medical Association in the US and once in September/October as part of an International Congress of Aviation and Space Medicine, sponsored by the Academy in different locations across the world.

In addition to the Council the Academy has several standing Committees:
• Selectors’ Committee, chaired by the Chancellor, selects applicants for membership.
• Scholarship Committee, awards scholarships
• Scientific Committee, supports the local scientific committee organising the scientific programme for the Congress
• Nominating Committee, proposes members for posts in the Academy

Current Post Holders

  • President

    Dr. David Gradwell (UK)


  • President-Elect

    Dr Francisco Rios-Tejada (Spain)


  • Immediate Past President

    Dr. James Vanderploeg (USA)
  • Directors

    Dr. René Germa (France)

    Dr Joe Ortega (USA)

    Dr. David Powell (New Zealand)

    Dr Lina Maria Sanchez-Rubio (Colombia)

  • Chancellor

    Dr. Anthony Wagstaff (Norway)


  • Secretary General

    Dr Sally Evans (UK)


  • Deputy Secretary General

    Dr Chun Hon Chong (Singapore)




Nominating Committee

Selectors Committee

Scholarship Committee

Scientific Committee

International Academy of Aviation and Space Medicine